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Haul All Disposal Truck on Ford F550

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Haul All Disposal Truck on Ford F550

We have a Haul All Refuse Truck on a Ford F550 Sold at our Langley location! Great compact truck for small routes, and tight areas

The M-Class has a multitude of options including:

  1. Cart Dumper Arms, which comes with a remote
  2. Large receiving bucket, with optional crane. This could be utilized for Molok containers (inground refuse/recycling containers).
  3. Pressure washer for cleaning bins
  4. You can also get a hose/vaccum attached for picking up debris, such as leaves.

This truck has the option of dual steer as well, allowing a driver to seamlessly collect bins, and drive the truck along the road

For further information, please contact us through or contact form below, or on our website:

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Please Note: Specifications May Vary. Please confirm specifications with your Rollins salesperson.

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Equipment Inquiry

MakeHaul – All
StyleRefuse/Recycling Truck
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