New Holland 165 MBS Box Spreader

New Holland 165 Box Spreader; Mechanical Bed Chain (MBS); Wheels and tires - 19Lx16.1; Single Axel; Apron Chain D667-X Heavy Duty; Single Beater; Hydraulic Endgate.

  • Make: New Holland
  • Model: 165 MBS
  • Year: 2016
  • Style: Box Spreader
  • Stock#: N31389
  • Serial#: YGN139525
  • Location: Chilliwack
  • Price: Pricing on request ...

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This New Holland Box Spreader or "Strong Box" generates an even spread pattern and it is well-built with the strongest floor and sides of any spreaders. Its steel is highly corrosive-resistant and more durable then typical steel giving premium quality and long life.