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Front Left of T4 Electric Tractor

T4 Electric and T7 Methane

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T4 Electric

When designing the T4 Electric Tractor, multiple factors were considered, when comparing it to a diesel tractor. The T4 outperformed the diesel in terms of being more responsive, efficient, and increased traction control (New Holland, 2022). This unit will also save “you up to 90% in operating costs” (New Holland, 2022). This Tractor is well suited for low horsepower activites, such as working in Orchards and Vineyards, mixed farm and municipalities. It will also be possible to operate this tractor during quiet hours, as “noise is reduced by 90%”(New Holland, 2022). Finally the T4 Tractor Tractor is fitted with cameras and sensors. The tractor can also be programmed to the farmers desired settings. via a smartphone app. The “Shadow Follow Me feature allows machines to work together”(New Holland, 2022).


  1. NewHolland. (2022). CNH Industrial presents first electric tractor prototype with autonomous features. CNH Industrial.
Increased Horsepower – T7 Methane Tractor

A few key focus points when designing the T7 Methane LNG Tractor was performance, sustainability, and increased horsepower. New Holland is “offering tractors above 200hp”(New Holland, 2022).

T7 Methane Tractor
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