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Multihog Multi – Purpose Attachments

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Multihog Multi – Purpose Attachments

Multihog is a fantastic year round multi – purpose vehicle with year round attachments available. Some of the Summer attachments include, but are not limited to: Front Sweepers, High Pressure Washer, High volume submersible pump, runway light cleaners, surface cleaner, sweeping, and gully and sewer cleaning attachments. These are just the summer attachments available, but it truly shows that “Multihogs are built for countless different tasks”(Multihog, 2024).

There are also a multitude of Winter attachments available for Multihogs. This includes Snow Plows, Drop Sanders, De-Icing Sprayers, Ice Breakers, Salt Spreaders, Combi Snow Plough and Brush, Snow Blower, V Snow Plough, Combi Box Plough and Brush, Snow Brush and Box Plough. Currently we have a 2022 Multihog CX75 in stock with a V-Plow, Dump Box and Drop Sander. Overall, there are several attachments you can choose for your Multihog, year round.

Multihog CX75 with Snow Plough, Dump box, and Drop Spreader

“The CX75 MK1 is a compact sidewalk maintenance vehicle ideal for sanitation, grass mowing and snow removal tasks (available in USA and Canada only).”

Rollins currently has a CX75 MK1 and MKII in stock. You will see in the photo to the right, the Multihog with the snow attachments.

Multihog Routine Street Maintenance

Street Scrubber

The Surface Cleaners are amazing for highly walked areas, such as municipalities and facility contractors. Multihog indicated that common areas to clean, include “city centres, squares, and recreational areas”(Multihog, 2024). It is recommended that the sweeping attachments are used right after, to collect all the dirty water, and prevent it running into the drains.

Multihog CV350 with Scrubber Deck - Supplied by Multihog
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