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Multihog Multi – Purpose Attachments

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Multihog Multi – Purpose Attachments

Multihog is a fantastic year round multi – purpose vehicle with year round attachments available. Some of the Summer attachments include, but are not limited to: Front Sweepers, High Pressure Washer, High volume submersible pump, runway light cleaners, surface cleaner, sweeping, and gully and sewer cleaning attachments. These are just the summer attachments available, but it truly shows that “Multihogs are built for countless different tasks”(Multihog, 2024).

There are also a multitude of Winter attachments available for Multihogs. This includes Snow Plows, Drop Sanders, De-Icing Sprayers, Ice Breakers, Salt Spreaders, Combi Snow Plough and Brush, Snow Blower, V Snow Plough, Combi Box Plough and Brush, Snow Brush and Box Plough. Currently we have a 2022 Multihog CX75 in stock with a V-Plow, Dump Box and Drop Sander. Overall, there are several attachments you can choose for your Multihog, year round.

Multihog CX75 with Snow Plough, Dump box, and Drop Spreader

“The CX75 MK1 is a compact sidewalk maintenance vehicle ideal for sanitation, grass mowing and snow removal tasks (available in USA and Canada only).”

Rollins currently has a CX75 MK1 and MKII in stock. You will see in the photo to the right, the Multihog with the snow attachments.

Multihog Routine Street Maintenance

Street Scrubber

The Surface Cleaners are amazing for highly walked areas, such as municipalities and facility contractors. Multihog indicated that common areas to clean, include “city centres, squares, and recreational areas”(Multihog, 2024). It is recommended that the sweeping attachments are used right after, to collect all the dirty water, and prevent it running into the drains.

Multihog CV350 with Scrubber Deck - Supplied by Multihog

Sewer Equipment 900 ECO Service Schedule

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Sewer Equipment 900 ECO

It is important to keep up to date with regular maintenance of the Sewer Equipment 900 ECO. It’s not only critical to do so, for safety of the operators, but also longevity of the truck. We have 6 mobile service vehicles, and 3 service centres across BC that can assist you with these needs. Sewer Equipment also offers 24/7 Technical Service Support. All of the Sewer Equipment technicians are factory trained and certified to answer all of your questions (Sewer Equipment, 2024). Below you will see the service decals. They are stamped inside the cabinet inside the truck. Learn more about Sewer Equipment here: Sewer Equipment – Best Products. Best Local Support.

Grease Maintenance Schedule

To the right is a diagram showing the routine grease maintenance schedule. This decal shows all the locations on the 900 ECO for greasing. There are also plates in this cabinet indicating when the oil in different areas of the truck also need to be changed.

Maintenance Intervals and Specifications - Sewer Equipment

Routine Sewer Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance Intervals & Specifications

There are also plates in this cabinet indicating when the oil in different areas of the truck also need to be changed. Please ask your Rollins sales rep to go through the service schedule with you.

Rear of Jacobsen Elite Eclipse 360

Fully Electric Jacobsen – WCTA Show

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Jacobsen Elite Eclipse 360

Rollins Machinery attended the 2023 Western Canadian Turf Grass Association Trade Show (WCTA Turf Show) at the River Rock Casino. Rollins showcased their various lines of turf equipment. This includes Tru Turf, Jacobsen, Turfco, New Holland Agriculture, and New Holland Construction.

The Jacobsen Eclipse 360 Elite is an all-electric, hydraulic-free mower. One of the key benefit of this mower is a “reduction in operation costs”(Jacobsen, 2022). As this unit doesn’t have hydraulics, there is no risk of spills. Many golf courses also have holes surrounded by condominiums and apartments. As this mower is very quiet, it’s possible for the grounds crew to use it during quiet hours, without disturbing the neighbours. The Eclipse 360 Elite is truly a top of the line mower.

Golf Equipment Specialists

Rollins has been selling Golf Equipment for years. Our Sales, Parts and Service team are factory trained to provide you great support.

Side of Jacobsen Fully Electric Mower
Front Left of T4 Electric Tractor

T4 Electric and T7 Methane

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T4 Electric

When designing the T4 Electric Tractor, multiple factors were considered, when comparing it to a diesel tractor. The T4 outperformed the diesel in terms of being more responsive, efficient, and increased traction control (New Holland, 2022). This unit will also save “you up to 90% in operating costs” (New Holland, 2022). This Tractor is well suited for low horsepower activites, such as working in Orchards and Vineyards, mixed farm and municipalities. It will also be possible to operate this tractor during quiet hours, as “noise is reduced by 90%”(New Holland, 2022). Finally the T4 Tractor Tractor is fitted with cameras and sensors. The tractor can also be programmed to the farmers desired settings. via a smartphone app. The “Shadow Follow Me feature allows machines to work together”(New Holland, 2022).


  1. NewHolland. (2022). CNH Industrial presents first electric tractor prototype with autonomous features. CNH Industrial.
Increased Horsepower – T7 Methane Tractor

A few key focus points when designing the T7 Methane LNG Tractor was performance, sustainability, and increased horsepower. New Holland is “offering tractors above 200hp”(New Holland, 2022).

T7 Methane Tractor
Labrie Automizer - Progessive Truck

Automated Trucks Takes Over the Refuse / Recycling Industry

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Automated Trucks

Automation has rapidly taken over the refuse collection industry, with municipalities turning to automated garbage and recycling trucks.

Almost all cities in Canada are now using automated garbage trucks. In a CBC report, Edmonton Councillor Ben Henderson said he’s been asking about automated trucks for a long time, stating people in other cities are happy with the systems.

This chart reveals how other cities are using automated garbage trucks. (Source: City of Edmonton)

Single Driver Operation

Many of the automated garbage and recycling trucks can be operated by a single driver. Automation provides operators better economy, safety, performance and durability. Affordable refuse truck options include: front loaders, rear loaders, automated side loaders and recycling bodies.

Side of Labrie Alleygator

Meet Your Needs With an Automated Truck

Ranging from small to over-sized body capacities, these modern automated trucks are engineered to meet all garbage and recycling needs, regardless of the size of an operation. They can generally collect in excess of 500 to 800 homes per day, depending on factors, like terrain and haul distances. And with these automated garbage and recycling trucks, rain, snow, and even wind are no longer a major issue.


Labrie Automizer – BCTA

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Labrie Automizer – Mack LR Electric at BCTA

Rollins Machinery partnered with Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group in bringing in a demonstrator Labrie Automizer on a Mack LR Electric Chassis. One of the incentives in purchasing this truck is that there are provincial and federal government grants available. To make the event extra special, key guest speakers: Rob Flemming, Minister of Transportation, and Bruce Ralston, and Minister of Energy, mines, and low carbon innovation attended the event.

Delivering Great Experiences

Whether you’re managing a few machines or a national fleet, Rollins Machinery offers dependable, quality service with quick, and efficient access to the right parts. It’s all a measure of our unwavering commitment to help keep our customers across British Columbia moving forward.

Side of Mack Electric Truck

About the Labrie Automizer

With the Right-Hand Arm, these arms have a 12-feet reach, and can lift up to 1,000 pounds. The truck body is also extremely durable, utilizing “single piece steel body walls for increased strength and seamless appearance”(Labrie, 2024). The Automizer now also has added benefit of an improved sump box. It “is 700% larger, increasing the liquid holding capacity and protecting the packing cylinders from the waste leachate”(Labrie, 2024). Finally, the Labrie Automizer can be mounted on either “Labrie’s proprietary CNG system or seamless integration to a Battery-Electric Chassis”(Labrie,2024).

For further information regarding any of the Labrie trucks, please give us a call or fill out the contact form on the website (shown below).

The Labrie Leach 2R – III Rear Loader is a popular truck among refuse/recycling companies. Please see the attached brochure on different configurations and sizes you can have this rear-loader built. This video walks you through the Leach 2R-II Body Construction, and how it can be beneficial for your fleet!

Please Give us a Call For More Information. Please fill out the contact form below:

Contact + Careers | Rollins Machinery

Waste Management Association of BC Video – Rollins

Check out this great video from the Waste Management of Association of BC (WMABC). Our Director of Sales and Marketing, Jeff Rollins, talks about what we do here at Rollins and the benefits of being a member of WMABC.


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