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Tru-Turf RE50

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Tru-Turf RE50

Golf Greens Roller-Electric includes-regenerative braking 10HP ac motor, triple smoothing heads, 50 smoothing width, belt drive, stainless steel bearings, in-built trailer, includes lights. This unit at located our Langley location

Specifications from Tru-Turf website (May not be for exact year)

Engine Type: 48V/AC Brushless

Engine Horsepower: 18hp (13.5 KW)

Transmission Manufacturer: Falk Ultramite

Transmission – Type: Double reduction helical

Oil capacity – Transmission: Sealed

Drive Train: Toothed belt

Driver Roller: Rubber coated, non stick. Flexible, contour following.

Direction Control: Switch – Fingertip

Speed Control: Foot Pedal

Operating Speed: 0 – 9 mph (0 – 15 km/h)

Steering: Joystick – Light load, directly connected to smoothing heads.

Seat: Premium UV protected, with adjustable arm rests

Trailer: Integrated, heavy duty. Quick and easy transition from transport to rolling position.

Ground Pressure: 3.8 psi (26 kPa)

Smoothing Heads: 2 x Overlapping

Rolling Width: 50″

Lights: 2 x 48v LED

Weights – Operating: 800lb. (364 kg)

Tires – Trailer: 18 x 6.50 x 8 Turf tire

Start Stop: Key/Electric

Brake – Park: Handbrake. Drum Style.

Brake – Roller: Regenerative

Ops Safety Switch: 15 sec. safety delay

Optional Equipment: Slicer, Spiker, Brush & Drop down leg

Warranty: 2 years – Limited manufacturers warranty

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Equipment Inquiry

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