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Front Left of Sewer Equipment Ramvac HX-15 Hydro-Excavator

Sewer Equipment Ramvac HX-15 Hydrovac Truck

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Sewer Equipment Ramvac HX-15 Hydrovac Truck

Location: Chilliwack office

Rollins has a Sewer Equipment Ramvac HX-15 Hydro – Excavator on a Peterbilt 520 chassis in stock! Below are the specifications of this truck:

Excavation System(s) Attachments:

  • Vacuum Breaker Option (4400 CFM Blower Only)
  • Anti-Freeze System (10 Gallon Tank)

Vacuum System:

  • 4400 CFM Blower
  • 8″ Vacuum Hose system
  • 18″ HG vacuum rating
  • Cyclone Seperator

Boom Specifications:

  • Powered Boom
  • 330 degrees working radius
  • Boom Reach – 17″ extendable to 22′

Please Note: Specifications May Vary. Please confirm specifications with your Rollins Salesperson. For more information, please fill out the below contact form:

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Equipment Inquiry

Equipment Inquiry

MakeSewer Equipment
ModelRamvac HX-15
Style Hydrovac – Truck
Stock NumberN19612
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