Kverneland 8583T

Kverneland Tedder; Trailed Transport Position; Working Width of 8.30m; Box-Type Frame With Two U-Shaped Sections; 6 Rotors.

  • Make: Kverneland
  • Model: 8583T
  • Year: 2016
  • Style: Tedder
  • Stock#: N31184
  • Serial#: VF69181706
  • Location: Chilliwack
  • Price: Pricing on request ...

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This high performance Tedder gives the operator a wide working area while using a lower horsepower tractor. It has 6 rotors and 10mm strong tines with an 80mm coil diameter. This enables the operator to accurately lift the swath with the tines and spread it evenly over the full width of the Tedder. With a weight of only 900kg this Tedder will glide over your fields while keeping down your fuel expenditures.