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Poettinger Lion 403 Harrow

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Poettinger Lion 403 Harrow

We have a Pottinger Lion 403 Cultivator in stock at our Chilliwack Location. Please call for more details and information regarding this unit.

Customer Benefits of This Unit:

  1. “Best Working Results – Reducing costs in arable farming has the highest priority. Today’s farmers need the right technology to provide the best conditions for germination and growth as well as rapid and uniform emergence.”
  2. Integrated Tine Holders – “Effective cultivation for intensive loosening and uniform tilth”(Pottinger, 2023).

Key Specifications of This Unit:

  1. PTO Drive Shaft: 1000 RPM, 1 3/8″ 21-Splines
  2. Toothed Packer Roller Roller 550-4000 Coated Scrapers

Please Note: Specifications May Vary. Please confirm specifications with your salesperson.

Equipment Inquiry

Equipment Inquiry

ModelLion 403 Harrow
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